Maxi Base – Adjustable base for your MiniGrange

Maxi Base – Adjustable base for your MiniGrange

14 June 2022

The soil is an element that easily absorbs water. Autumn brings rain and the soil drinks the water in preparation for the following spring. But as we all know, this water will freeze during winter. Since the soil is already saturated with water, this freezing causes it to expand. Now, spring arrives with the thawing. The ground lowers. Summer arrives with occasional dryness and the ground becomes even more compact. The autumn rains begin once again and the cycle repeats.

What happens to buildings that rest on the ground? Your house, most likely, has a foundation sufficiently deep in the ground to avoid the effects brought on by the rise and lowering of the ground. And your shed? The majority of sheds are installed with a limited budget and, as a result, we pay little attention to its foundation.

At MiniGrange, we propose three solutions when it comes to the base of your shed.

The humble concrete block

Shed placed on concrete blocks

1- The concrete block placed on the ground is the simplest and least invasive solution. At the same time, however, it offers less adjustments than the other options. You would need a jack and pieces of wood or cedar shingles to readjust it if ever the ground moves. It has the advantage of an easy installation and the simple blocks are included in the price of your MiniGrange.

Screw piles – the king

Shed on screw piles

2- Screw piles is by far the least likely to move. Additionally, it has an adjustable head. This means that with a few rotations of the key, you can adjust the level of your shed and fix the doors that don’t close properly. The disadvantage is its cost of 200$ per pile. For a shed of 12 x 20 feet, you would need eight of them. Eight times 200$ = 1600$. But in the end, you have something very solid that will never move. It should be noted that MiniGrange doesn’t offer this service, but they can provide plans so that the screw piles entrepreneur can place them precisely.

The Maxi-Base – a hybrid

Shed on Maxi-Base (not pushed into ground for clarity)

3- The Maxi-Base is a hybrid. It’s like a Dek-blok on steroids. It is pushed about 8 inches into the ground and it also has an adjustable head. After winter, all you need to do is rotate the key a few times to level the shed. The base isn’t completely under the freezing like the screw piles, but its cost is much cheaper. It is also less complicated to install.

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