1. What is the delay between the moment of the sale and the delivery of a storage shed?

You can plan on a 3 to 6 week delay depending on our current backlog of orders. We will establish a delivery date with you based on your availability.

2. Do you install the shed upon delivery?

Our team of professionals dedicated to the delivery of the shed will take care of the complete installation. The installation will be done on the day of delivery, at the location you will have chosen and prepared before the arrival of our installers.

3. How do I prepare the property before the delivery of the shed?

The shed must be placed in a well-drained area. We recommend removing the top 6” of topsoil and putting down 6” of ¾” free-draining rock in its place. The shed will be installed on concrete blocks that are included in the price.

4. Do I need to ask the municipality for a permit before installation?

It is important to contact your municipality to find out the regulations concerning the addition of a shed before its purchase, and (if necessary) to make the request for a permit before its delivery.

5. What is the guarantee offered by Mini Grange?

Our goal is to satisfy our clients. If you are not satisfied with your shed, let us know and it will be our pleasure to work with you.

6. Can I install the shed myself?

The installation of the shed is handled by our professionals and is included in the price.

7. What are the methods of payments that you accept ?

We accept cash and money orders, debit cards and credit cards, as well as personal and commercial cheques. We ask for a 20% deposit at the signature of the sales contract and the rest at the delivery.

8. What is the delivery fee for residents farther than 100 km ?

Contact our sales team to receive a quote on deliveries farther than 100 km from our shop.

9. I want a concrete slab under my shed, is it a possible addition ?

Yes, it is possible to have a concrete slab under the shed, but it requires the construction of the shed on site. Contact our sales team for more details.

10. What maintenance is required?

Like all buildings, our storage sheds must be placed in stable well-drained area. They are designed to last for many years without maintenance.

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